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ToLabs © 2014
ToLabs © 2014

thank you for visiting my cloudy home on the web! Even though the world has been officially pimped by all the social networks and everyone is equipped with the latest mobile gadgets, nevertheless life gives us a hard time staying in touch with all our beloved ones. As of now the „Theory of Everything“ is still in the laboratory stage, therefore I wanted to give everyone interested, a faire chance to track my life stopping by once in a while. 


Take the time to explore my home. In the Base Camp Section I have arranged the core of my life, comprising education (structure), the underlying motivations (strategy) and career path (luck). For all prospective employers, please feel free to take a look at my targeted CV and the respective letters of reference!


Leaving the Base Camp for a new endeavour will guide you to the Expedition I Section, where you are invited to browse through my captured moments of past journeys. If you are still hungry for yet another endeavour proceed to Expedition II where you can enjoy life in motions. 


Finally reaching the Top, the latest Summit News will wait for you. I am putting my best foot forward to keep it up to date. But bad weather can lead to delays.


In the last Section „Indie Mountains“ you will find a chosen list of fellows who deserve recognition for their Indie Projects. 


Feel free to contact me anytime via the following e-mail address: Tobias.Angst[at]tolabs.de


I wish you all a successful hike in your own lifes!






Words of Wisdom


"Success in investing doesn't correlate with IQ once you're above the level of 25." (Warren Buffett '99)